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What’s the going price of a South Africa airport?

Airport’s – a new investment opportunity? ________________________________ The rise of SA’s aerotropolis property market 24 Apr 2018 Property24 “Airports are increasingly becoming magnetic centres of economic and industrial activity, giving rise to what has been termed “aerotropolis” – a new form of airport-centric commercial development – which is essentially transforming airports in major cities into […]

Valuing Any Gold Project

Here’s how you value any gold project The mining industry is a fascinating space – not only for the fact that almost everything around us comes from mining but also because of the possibility of striking gold with penny stocks that have the potential to turn into a multi-million dollar mine-producing company. But just as […]

The economics of Christmas

The economics of Christmas: the true value of Christmas presents As the festive season approaches, it’s time for economists’ annual disquisition on the efficiency of gift-giving. This tradition was inaugurated, more than twenty years ago, by Joel Waldfogel, then at Yale University, who formalised the critique that non-cash presents are economically wasteful. His account is elementary […]

Harvey Nearly Halts Commercial Fleet Activity in Houston

Heavy flooding from what is now Tropical Storm Harvey has disrupted commercial fleets in the Houston area, as corporations and fleet management companies have begun reaching out to their employees and fleet drivers to ensure their safety and assess damage to fleet vehicles. The storm has closed major roads, frontage lanes, and exits, which has forced […]

Bitcoin may just be a ‘dangerous pricing game,’ says NYU’s valuation expert

NYU finance professor Aswath Damodaran said bitcoin hasn’t proven its usability as a currency yet.  It all hangs on whether bitcoin becomes widely used in transactions, according to Damodaran.  If not, bitcoin may just be a “dangerous, pricing game.” If bitcoin does not prove its worth as a usable currency, its massive price surge is a […]


There appears to be a common thread of disastrous fire out breaks over this period of the year in the Western Cape. In 2015, between February and April fires broke out in Muizenberg spreading to Hout Bay, Cape Point & Tokai where over 6 900 hectares of land was destroyed, 13 properties damaged with 3 […]

Darrin Raniga appointed CEO of The Valuator Group, UAE

Darrin Raniga has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer at The Valuator Group, based in Dubai, where he will oversee operations for this international valuations company that specialises in multi-faceted valuations for insurance and market purposes. Darrin hails from South Africa, where he completed his schooling at Hartwell Business Institute and is currently completing […]

The Valuator Group open offices in Dubai

The Valuator Group, an accredited, multi-faceted, boutique valuation company operating throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, has recently opened offices in Dubai, identifying the huge opportunities offered by the region as a significant deciding factor. The last three decades have seen a dramatic change in Dubai, which has become a major business centre boasting […]

Big Increase in The Valuator’s turnover reflects trends in SA business world

The growing need to have one’s assets regularly and accurately valued for insurance and market purposes and, more particularly the wish to know the latest fair value of one’s business or assets which goes hand in hand with tough economic times and political uncertainty has, says Marc Cloete, Financial Manager of The Valuator Group, enabled the Group […]