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Documented and Certified Valuations – Private & Business!

We provide a “one-stop” solution for all valuation-related requirements. We build relationships through trust and integrity in the best interest of our clients.

Regulated by

RICS - The mark of property professionalism worldwide

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors


Land, Buildings & Improvements New

The Valuator Group undertakes projects of any size or description for commerce and industry. Our Valuers visit sites to measure, record, evaluate and create a detailed inventory of items and conditions of the property.

Plant, Machinery, Equipment, Contents & Vehicles

The Valuator Group provides highly experienced personnel to value the full spectrum of commercial, industrial, agricultural and technology based market sectors which have assets in plant, machinery and equipment.

Agricultural – Farms, Game Lodges and Reserves

Our services cover projects of any size within the agricultural sector from wine, fruit, poultry and other farms to ranches and reserves. Our Valuers visit a location and traverse the area noting all assets. Buildings (including lodges), machinery, livestock, crops, storage facilities, vehicles and contents are all taken into account…

Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery & Contents

These valuations require the services of a high caliber, experienced Valuer, capable of undertaking such sensitive work. We provide Valuers of integrity, passion and professionalism who have proven themselves capable of fully respecting the privacy and confidentiality of clients toward such treasured valuables.

General Assets

The Valuator Group prides itself on being able to provide specialised Valuations on Luxury Yachts & Boats, Light Aircraft, Classic Cars, Sporting & other Memorabilia, Restaurant Equipment & Contents, Landscaped Gardens, General Household & Office contents.

Financial Valuation Services

The Valuator Group provides a range of financial services that develop ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Valuator Partner Program

Valuation Advisory Services

THE VALUATOR GROUP offers advice to financial institutions, corporations and other high net worth clients on all aspects of valuations.

This includes business and share valuation consultancy which includes Due Diligence Audit and Business Risk Analysis as well as additional assistance on preparing Business Plans for companies ensuring businesses are fully compliant with all the relevant statutory requirements.

Values & Code of Conduct

THE VALUATOR GROUP has grown out of a family concern that has served the region for three generations. Our experts have excellent knowledge of the market through the many assignments carried out for clients, respecting confidentiality, professionalism and clients’ requirements.

The Valuator Group is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and complies with international standards and ethics as set out by RICS.spacer37

Other Services

Besides preparing comprehensive valuation reports with official certificates we also offer “Value Add” services including:

  • Risk Survey Reports – full risk assessment of infrastructure and operation;
  • Management of Assets with Asset Register;
  • Business Valuations (Enterprise & Equity);
  • Heritage Asset Specialists – GRAP compliant ;
  • Game Valuations with Ecology Management Survey Report if required.

Client References

Below is a small sample of clients who have used The Valuator Group’s valuation services – while only a few of our clients have been mentioned we wish to acknowledge and confirm that all our clients, mentioned below or not, are very important to us and we value our special association.

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