Restaurant Equipment

The Valuator Group has years of experience in the restaurant industry and our experienced team will give an accurate assessment of your restaurant equipment for insurance or market purposes. We can appraise any restaurant; from a fast-food drive through to a Michelin-starred eatery. In the competitive restaurant industry, it is essential that all equipment is properly valued and insured.

The Group has structured a unique cost-effective service to the franchise restaurant Groups which incorporates 5 essential services (replacement cost valuation for insurance, market valuation for Balance Sheet, update Asset Register, condition report on Movable Assets in line with companies’ life cycle plan and Risk Assessment report covering basic health & safety regulations). This is all carried out at the same time – one site visit and provides peace of mind to both the Franchisor & Franchisee that these aspects are fully covered.

Property, Land, Buildings & Improvements

The Valuator Group undertakes projects of any size or description for commerce and industry for both Open Market Value and/or Estimated New Replacement Cost for insurance purposes.

Investment Asset Advisory

The Group offers a specilaised valuation service to the Listed (REITS) and Unlisted property funds with specific focus on building financial and valuation models for our clients to deal with the unique drivers and challenges in this sector of the market.

Plant & Machinery Equipment & Technical Assets including Vehicles

The Valuator Group provides highly experienced and qualified personnel to value the full spectrum of commercial, industrial, agricultural, mining and technology-based market sectors.

Art, Antiques, Jewellery & Contents

These valuations require the services of highly experienced Valuers, capable of undertaking projects covering a wide range of items in this field.

General Speciliased Assets

The Valuator Group prides itself on being able to provide specialised Valuations on Luxury Yachts & Boats, Light Aircraft, Classic Cars, Sporting & other Memorabilia,

Financial Valuation Services

The Valuator Group provides accurate and detailed independent Business (Enterprise & Operations) and company (Share Equity) valuations in compliance with globally recognized standards.

Agricultural – Farms, Game Lodges and Reserves

One of our specialized services cover projects of any size within the agricultural sector from wine, fruit, poultry and other farms/production facilities/cold storage as well as for ranches and game reserves.

Valuation Advisory Services

THE VALUATOR GROUP offers valuations and advice to financial institutions, corporations and other high net worth clients on all aspects of valuations. This includes business and share valuation consultancy which includes Due Diligence Audit and Business Risk Analysis to provide investors with needed confidence to make alternative investment decisions.