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Load Shedding again! Will this impact business value in South Africa?

Is Load Shedding is a threat to the country’s economy? Professor Raymond Parsons from the North West University Business School said renewed load shedding is bad news for the economy. “At the very time when the country wants to boost investor confidence, a fresh element of uncertainty has been injected into business decision-making. Prolonged load […]

Understanding Machinery Valuations

Here are some helpful articles on understanding machinery valuations – for expert valuations on your machinery don’t hesitate to give The Valuator a call! _________________________________________________ The article below was source at Zurich Insider For businesses that rely on key equipment, underinsurance can have unexpected and severe consequences. Simply using the purchase cost for valuing assets […]

Valuation of Intangibles

Here is a summary of an article from Price Waterhouse Coopers on the Valuation of Intangibles (follow the link for the full presentation) Knowledge, learning and innovation are sources of competitive advantage Knowledge-based economies refers to the use of knowledge to produce economic benefits Every good has knowledge content. Physical inputs are being replace by […]

Fantastic 2017 – Breaking All Records!

Next month ends what will be the best financial year The Valuator Group has ever achieved in its 11th year of establishment with revenue up by 42% compared to the same period last year.   While the valuation business effectively is kept busy during good and bad times, last year has seen the Group’s growth […]

Valuation Catalysts For South African Gold Miners

What Are the Valuation Catalysts for South African Gold Miners? By Annie Gilroy Sep 22, 2017 Discounted valuations Given the South African market’s labor, laws, and infrastructure issues, miners operating there usually trade at a discount to their global peers (GDX). These factors usually result in higher costs and lower production growth.   Valuation multiples […]

Valuing A Franchise

Things To Do Before You Buy A Franchise Buying a franchise can be a great move for a would-be entrepreneur who doesn’t want to create a new business from scratch. In theory, franchisees acquire a model that already works on every level, from branding to pricing to marketing. A ready clientele eagerly spends on Dunkin’ […]

Valuing a Mine

The first step in valuing a property is to assess its development state at the date of valuation. The stage of development most often will indicate the appropriate valuation approach and will have a significant impact on the final value. Mining projects follow a broadly predictable development path, from the identification of the mine’s potential, […]

Africa Hotel Valuation Index 2017

HVS, the global hospitality consulting firm and host of the THINC Africa conference, launched their 2017 African Hotel Valuation Index (HVI) at the conference. This year sees the fourth edition of the African HVI, which includes more markets and increasing progress for Africa. “The number of markets included in the study continues to grow each […]

Who’s Buying Farms These Days

Commercial farmers are being blamed by politicians and the landless alike for supposedly inflating the prices of farms in an attempt to counter land reforms. They are also accused of being slow to participate in black economic empowerment in the agricultural sector. However, real estate agents have a different view. According to Mr Jan Viljoen, […]

Brand Valuation Issues

Brand value vs brand value The term brand value can often confuse. Brand value in some contexts can mean the financial value of a brand – its actual value. In other circumstances brand value means one of the intangible measures that contribute to the brand’s financial value. Such brand value attributes can include brand awareness, […]

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