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A messy, outdated asset register is a big red light to auditors, financiers, and potential investors

“Since auditors observe only a statistical sample of inventory on hand, inventory chicanery can go undetected.” “Inventory fraud has increased fourfold from five years ago.” “The recent rise in inventory fraud is one of the biggest single reasons for the proliferation of accounting scandals.” “Experts say many companies overvalue obsolete goods and supplies. Others create […]

POPIA in SA to come into effect on April 1st

The Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”) in South Africa is set to come into effect April 1, 2020. Regardless of your organization’s position, below are three priorities to focus on right now in order to comply with POPIA. The Three POPIA Priorities We Should Focus on Right Now By Lecio De Paula, Director of […]

The Valuator Group in SA Property Review magazine

The following is an article published in the SA Property Review magazine. This article was written By Mark Pettipher With financial mismanagement becoming more pronounced and many high-profile companies being questioned for misrepresenting their assets, there is a need for independent regulated valuations. Property Review talks to Gavin Commins, Group CEO of The Valuator Group, […]

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