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Rebuild, or cut one’s losses?

This is the decision facing many SA businesses. Their confidence must be rebuilt, now.   On Sunday night the president did well to make it abundantly clear that vaccination is very important. People who are vaccinated have a far lower probability of serious consequences from the disease. Ultimately this is the route back to a […]

Wall Street is the most bullish on stocks in almost two decades

  About 56% of all recommendations on S&P 500 firms are listed as buys, the most since 2002. It’s been two decades since Wall Street analysts were this upbeat. About 56% of all recommendations on S&P 500 firms are listed as buys, the most since 2002. It’s one more data point that shows the extent […]

Rather be safe than sorry!

  The Valuator Group understands the overwhelming situation that many businesses in South Africa are currently facing. We are specifically positioned to assist individuals or companies with insurance claims covering the valuation of all assets. Considering that the world is in the grip of a worldwide pandemic and unknown volatile times it is safe to […]

London finance firms may face long wait for EU to open its markets

London — The EU is in no rush to reopen its doors to the British finance industry, dashing any remaining hopes that the Brexit trade deal would unlock market access for banks and other finance firms. Officials from the 27-nation bloc stressed on Monday that the EU won’t hasten its assessment of the UK’s plans […]

These are the sectors that will be hiring in 2021 – and where in South Africa they’re looking

South African employers will be proceeding with caution when it comes to hiring in the first quarter of 2021, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. While some hiring activity will be taking place – around 11% of employers forecast an increase in payrolls – staff levels are expected to remain largely the same, […]

Are We On the Verge of Another Financial Crisis?

John Macomber, a senior lecturer in the finance unit at Harvard Business School, believes we may be on the verge of a collapse in housing prices and an ensuing financial crisis — this time caused by our failure to acknowledge and confront climate change. In a phone interview and a written email exchange, he shared […]

3 positive investment surprises from 2020

It is something of a tradition to take stock at this time of the year and reflect on what has happened during the past 12 months. However, given the mixed emotions 2020 has engendered, it can be tempting to gloss over the negatives in an effort to put them behind us, and then move swiftly […]

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