The Valuator / August 14, 2020 

GDP Growth for Africa was predicted to be 3,9 % in 2020 increasing to 4.1% in 2021, according to the AFDB. Then the virus happened and the forecast for Africa GDP growth was revised to – 5% for 2020 by the World Bank

It is quite obvious that foreign investors will pause to re-evaluate and reassess while African governments reprioritise spending to ensure the safety of their citizens.

This is not the first crisis for many African countries, and may not be the last, but resilience is the one trademark of African business and their ability to sustain itself and to survive is remarkable.

Contrary to popular opinion, Intra country transactions are bound to happen at an accelerated pace, whether through carefully crafted joint ventures and mergers or the inadvertent distressed businesses that will become available to opportunistic buyers.

Transactions create the need for Valuations – The Valuator Group