From a game played solely among the English elite as early as in the sixteenth century, the game of cricket has come a long way and is followed by millions of fans all over the world. In a sport as old and popular as cricket, there are certainly bound to be hundreds of moments that have captured a permanent spot in the hearts of people world over.After all, nine slips for a batsman, and aluminium bats aren’t a very common sight in cricket as we know it today. Trawling through several such images, a few would definitely deserve more prominence than the rest. Here’s a look at the most iconic images in Cricket history.

Dwayne Leverock\’s stunning catch


If a cricketer from Bermuda is ever remembered by fans, it would be Dwayne Leverock, for his superb diving catch at slips, to dismiss Robin Uthappa in the 2007 World Cup against India. The sight of this bulky lad diving is a sight that no fan can ever forget.



South Africa\’s World record ODI chase

Quite possibly a feat that can never be bettered by any team for a long time to come, South Africa managed to chase a gigantic target of 434 set by the Australians, with a wicket and an over in hand.



Brian Lara kissing the pitch after scoring 400 runs

One of the best to have ever played the sport, Brian Lara’s joyous celebration of kissing the pitch after scoring an unbeaten 400 against England, surpassing the supposedly insurmountable 380 by Mathew Hayden, was one that brought smiles to the faces of every single spectator at Antigua, and fans all over the globe.



Jonty \’Superman\’ Rhodes

During a closely-fought South Africa – Pakistan match, a misjudged attempt at a run saw the birth of a Superman for South Africa, as Jonty Rhodes flew in from backward point, swooped on the ball, and threw himself in the air, and at the stumps, to effect a spectacular run-out.



Sachin Tendulkar reaches his 100th century

The little master, the brightest spot in the metaphorical galaxy of Indian cricketing history, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar surpassed in numbers every player to have ever played cricket at the international level. However, despite the numerous records he holds, completing a hundred centuries was surely a special moment in the life of this maestro and his fans worldwide.



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