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How does business analysis create value

Creating value in a business is a very important – here is one way to do it. ___________________________________ How does business analysis create value “How Can A Business Analyst Add Value To Your Business? Written by Ben Fisher BATimes  – Follow the link to the original article. If you are currently considering adding a Business […]

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Considering the recent rains Cape Town has been experiencing, this information remains relevant. _________________________________________ “STORM DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIMS; PROPERTY OWNERS BEWARE 2016 – Recent storms in South Africa not only wreaked havoc in the streets of Bloemfontein and Gauteng but also sent the short-term insurance sphere spinning. Physical damage to cars and property is evident […]

SARS – Guide on Valuation of Assets for Capital Gains Tax Purposes

Capital Gains Tax can be quite a confusing thing.  Here are a few guides on the valuation of assets for capital gains tax purposes.  I trust you will find them informative. ________________ Below is just the introduction of the SARS publication – follow the link for the complete publication – SARS “Guide on Valuation of […]

Valuations in the Hospitality Industry

TVG always enjoys a challenge and valuations in the hospitality industry can be challenging.  Here are some articles regarding the variables that affect valuations in this industry. Enjoy the read! For the complete article or to read the originals, please follow the links. __________________________ Uncontrollable Variables That Affect the Hospitality Industry by Jared Lewis – […]

The Valuator Group – An Introduction

A while ago our very own Mr Gavin Commins did an interview for EbizRadio – take a look below and please follow the link to the website to hear the podcast. _____________________ THE VALUATOR GROUP, A INTRODUCTION | #EBIZINSIGHTS | GAVIN COMMINS – EBizRadio “Whether its a family heirloom, a new asset or perhaps an […]

Why is a Building Valuation important for Insurance Purposes?

The importance of getting a correct valuation for insurance purposes cannot be over-stated.  Here are some articles concerning the matter. ______________ The Importance of Buildings Valuations – The Under-insurance Issue – By Gavin Dickson (BHIB Insurance) “Buildings insurance is something that every property owner, business owner or homeowner will be aware of. However one factor […]

New Optimism in the Mining Sector

Is there some new hope in the mining sector of South Africa?  Have a look at these articles below.  Enjoy the read! ___________________ Mining Indaba: There’s a new sense of hope Delegates want to be optimistic about South Africa. By Patrick Cairns on the Moneyweb website “Over the last few years, a recurring theme at […]

Valuing a Brand – Brand Valuation

Valuing a brand The article below was sourced at Brandvaluation.co.za Valuing brands: the reasons Valuing brands is done for a number different reasons. Valuing brands enables their owners to understand how brand value is generated and how much brand equity is present. This information can then be used for number of different purposes, including: Valuing […]

Credible Valuations – be aware!

Here is an article from FANews the author of which was Gavin Commins of The Valuator.  For the original article, please follow the link to FANews. The value of employing asset specialists The valuations industry in South Africa has in recent years become a fully-fledged, professional service to rival its counterparts throughout the world.  In […]

Luxury Apartments and Retirement Developments on the Rise

Luxury apartments and retirement estates on the rise in SA – Article Source – Property24 – Author : Andrew Amoils As part of the ‘South Africa 2017 Wealth Report’, New World Wealth and Honeybee Communications have examined recent luxury property trends in the country. According to Melissa Curtis from South African marketing group Honeybee Communications: “South Africa’s […]

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