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3 Things That Can Cause Property Value to Decrease

Factors That Could Send Your Property’s Price Plummeting   One should be aware of the value of your property at all times. Certain things can cause the market price to decrease. Some of these things, such as natural disasters, are out of your control. Here are three threats to your property’s value. Increasing Mortgage Rates When […]

The 5 most iconic images in Cricket history

From a game played solely among the English elite as early as in the sixteenth century, the game of cricket has come a long way and is followed by millions of fans all over the world. In a sport as old and popular as cricket, there are certainly bound to be hundreds of moments that […]

5 Interesting Facts about the Cricket World Cup

  England is the only nation which has hosted most number of World Cups (4) the next is India and Pakistan (2-both jointly).           The 1992 World Cup was the first ever world cup, where white balls were used and Day and Night games were played with colour clothings.           Chetan […]

10 Most expensive suburbs in SA

10 most expensive suburbs in the country by average selling price A recent study by property group Seeff, based on data from Lightstone and Propstats for the period 2011/2 to 2016/7 revealed that Cape Town is home to nine of the ten richest suburbs in South Africa. Only one suburb in Gauteng, Sandhurst, cracked the top […]

Danger signs add up to a perfect firestorm

The wildfire time bomb is exploding – and there’s not much anybody can do about it except get out of the way. Data compiled by experts shows an alarming upsurge in the frequncy and severity of firestorms of the kind that ripped through Knysna in 2017 and the Overberg this month. There has been a […]

The world’s most expensive paintings sold at auction – Top 3

After Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of Christ, Salvator Mundi, smashed the record for the most expensive painting sold at auction, we take a look at some of the artworks to have previously held the title. We have included the sale prices, which do not take into account inflation. The world’s most expensive paintings sold at […]

Record price at auction for rare whisky

In November last year (2018), Christie’s London sold a 60-year-old bottle of The Macallan for a record £ 1.2 million (R 21.6 million), breaking the record set by Bonham’s Edinburgh in October 2018 of £ 848 750 (R 15.3 million) for a 60-year-old Macallan Valerio Adami 1926. Rare whisky is becoming more and more popular […]

The bulls versus bears guide to the world economy in 2019

  2019 is shaping up to be a testing year for the world economy Article sourced from   Citigroup notes that global debt is now 3 times the level it was 20 years ago, raising concerns the world is headed for a debt crisis. Picture: Shutterstock Bears say bubbly credit markets, protracted trade wars and […]

Former cattle ranches are now profitable game farms

Mixing profit and conservation is not an easy thing but many former cattle farms are now being turned into game farms – and doing very well! ____________________ Thousands of former cattle ranches are now profitable game farms IOL – Source – All credit for this article goes to IOL “South Africa’s wildlife is thriving. One […]

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