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R1.3m property sold for R1000 at auction

Homeowners whose repossessed houses were sold for a fraction of value will head to court to demand billions back explains journo. A 60 billion rand class-action lawsuit by homeowners whose homes have been repossessed and sold for a fraction of the market value of the house, will head to court soon. An affidavit filed in […]

Global Economy to Expand by 4% in 2021; Vaccine Deployment and Investment Key to Sustaining the Recovery

Source: World Bank Development risks remain as economic activity, incomes likely to stay low for extended period WASHINGTON, Jan. 5, 2021 — The global economy is expected to expand 4% in 2021, assuming an initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout becomes widespread throughout the year. A recovery, however, will likely be subdued, unless policy makers move decisively to […]

Commercial Property Insurance: Three Ways to Value Your Building

Replacement Cost – And Why Insurance Companies Don’t Care About Market Value A commercial property’s replacement value is determined using several factors, including: square footage, construction type, and occupancy. Basically, what the insurance company wants to know is this a three-story building that’s completely finished inside, or is this an unfinished metal warehouse? These things […]

CBD Cape Town attracts hotel property developers

Source : www.bizcommunity.com Even through South Africa’s technical recession and the Western Cape drought, foreign tourism rose by 2.4% in 2017, building on a 12.8% increase in 2016, while domestic travel showed the greatest increase since 2014, rising 4.2% in 2017. “The odds have been against us, what with a constrained economy, a drought, tourism […]

South African Container Homes

Ever thought of building a home out of a container?  Have a look at this one! ___________________________ A look inside a R400,000 South African container home Staff Writer 17 April 2018 – Business Tech “With the average house price in South Africa now having surpassed the R1 million mark, it has become increasingly difficult for […]

Dubai’s Realty a Top Attraction for Foreign Investments

A bit on what’s happening with property in the UAE. _______________________________ Dubai’s realty a top attraction for foreign investments Transparency in its real estate regulations is rated a top factor Published: 17:31 March 11, 2018 Gulf News  “Dubai is among the world’s top cities for foreign investments in real estate, according to a new update […]

What’s the going price of a South Africa airport?

Airport’s – a new investment opportunity? ________________________________ The rise of SA’s aerotropolis property market 24 Apr 2018 Property24 “Airports are increasingly becoming magnetic centres of economic and industrial activity, giving rise to what has been termed “aerotropolis” – a new form of airport-centric commercial development – which is essentially transforming airports in major cities into […]

Transformation in the Property Industry

We all want to see the South African property market growing and flourishing. Follow the links to the original articles. ________________________________________________ SAPOA, Property Sector Charter Council to continue partnership on transformation – BizCommunity “The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) will continue to fund the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) to the tune of around […]

Hotel Valuations – What Makes A Hotel Successful

Hotel Valuations – If you are thinking of having your hotel valued it might be helpful to have a look at the following articles regarding what makes a hotel successful – a successful hotel is going to have a greater value! A successful hotel requires excellent people, product and performance. By Liz Beneski ~ CEO […]

How do we Value Educational Institutions?

Some interesting articles below on how we are and how we should be valuing educational institutions. _____________________________ How do we value universities? The Conversation – Article source, follow the link for the full article We have become accustomed to hearing the benefits of higher education measured in economic terms. But is this the only way […]

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