The Valuator Group offers a complete package of valuation services for both insurance (replacement cost) & market purposes with a dedicated division specialising in the WINELANDS region where we cover:

• Wine and other agriculture farms
• Hospitality – hotels, Guest Lodges, B&B’s etc
• Restaurants & other commercial properties
• Packaging and storage facilities in Agriculture and other sectors

The Cape Winelands region has been devastated recently by fires and The Valuator Group offers clients peace of mind that all their immovable & movable assets are accurately valued which includes offering the cost effective 5 year Long Term Assistance Plan for insurance purposes.  Storms/Floods, Fires are natural perils that can financially cripple organisations and it therefore is prudent to use a professional valuation company like The Valuator Group to ensure that everything is covered.  On the movable assets side this includes Asset Registers, tagging if required and condition reports on plant & equipment.

The Valuator Group provides documented and certified valuations for market and insurance purposes for:

• Buildings & Improvements (including dams, fencing, general site works etc)
• Plant, Machinery, Equipment and Technical Assets like vehicles (includes water treatment plant, pump houses, cellars etc)
• Art Works and Antiques and Contents (including IT)
• Biological Assets – vineyards and all other fruit orchards