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The importance of game valuations

The importance of game valuations

The continued growth in the game industry has created various business opportunities for many game farm owners.  For many farms or reserves, the value of their game has more than doubled (in some cases in the region of 300-400%) in recent years.

The Valuator Group undertook a number of property valuations (farms) in the North West Province and Limpopo in 2014 which incorporated the valuing of game (biological assets). The results were staggering! The real value of these biological assets accounted for millions of rands, which surprised owners of these properties. One farm, that had no rare, endangered or high-profile species, produced a value of R2.6 Million, on a property of 2,500 Ha.

Grey Seymour (General Manager, Gauteng) says “The need for continued monitoring and accurate annual census is critical to understanding the value of the biological assets on any property.  This in turn has a major impact on how the property is run, ensuring the assets are well managed and continue to breed which will ensure an increase in value of the biological assets, and ultimately the overall value of the property.”

Greg joined the company with a vast wealth of experience and expertise in Ecological & Environmental Management, Development Management and Risk Management, having worked directly for private game reserves and associated management and environmental companies.

Through professionals like Greg and a team of helicopter pilots and spotters, The Valuator Group is able to offer the specialised valuation of wild game on Game Reserves and Ranches.  They are able to compile an Ecology Management Report at a substantially reduced fee as both services are carried out concurrently. On the movable and immovable insurance inventory side for farms and game farms, we can also offer a Risk Analysis Report (including exposure), General Safety Report and Fire Risk Management Survey Report as part of the package.

The Valuator Group offers a range of specialist valuation services which include Land, Buildings & Improvements and Plant, Machinery, Equipment & Technical Assets and Fine Art, Antiques & Contents as well as many other assets.

Should you require further information regarding game valuations, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or via our Contact Us page.