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Plant, Machinery, Equipment & Technical Assets Including Vehicles

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The Valuator Group provides highly experienced personnel to value the full spectrum of commercial, industrial, agricultural, mining and technology based market sectors which have assets in plant, machinery and equipment.

All industrial valuation projects are scoped in accordance with the client’s instructions and requirements.

A thorough on-site inspection is carried out to capture, measure and write up all details. These details are converted to an inventory data base with each individual item separately listed and priced. The final document can easily be converted to an Asset Register which The Valuator Group can manage on an ongoing basis. Plant & Machinery can also be bar coded.

The full list of services:

  • Valuations for insurance (Estimated New Replacement Cost) and market (Open Market Value/Fair Market Value)
  • Valuation according to International Valuation Standards (IVSC) and for Financial Reporting purposes – GAAP/IFRS
  • Record Asset specification & technical information
  • Record Asset identification & serial numbers
  • Establish age, usage and remaining useful lifespan estimates
  • General condition assessment
  • Establish operating conditions & standards
  • Photograph assets for record purposes with coding’s

“We have used The Valuator Group for many years with great success”.
Tiaan Schoombie – Financial Manager Rhodes Food

The Valuator Group P&M brochure 2017

The Valuator - Plant and Machinery Valuations