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The Valuator Group is a multi-facet boutique valuation Group covering all assets for both insurance and market purposes. The main asset classes are PROPERTY (retail, commercial, industrial and high-end residential), PLANT, MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT & TECHNICAL ASSETS, FINE ART & ANTIQUES as well as BUSINESS VALUATIONS (Business – enterprise & operations and Company – Share Equity). We value all assets (Movable & Immovable) and cover all sectors throughout Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands.

Covid-19 has had a major impact on all our lives. While some individuals and companies have suffered immeasurable damage (let alone precious lives lost) The Valuator Group has identified huge potential POST COVID-19 where we have assessed where we are and where we want to go understanding that, in many cases, things will never be the same going forward. We, therefore, have identified ways of offering our services more cost-effectively and more efficiently. These include a number of innovative changes where we are confident this will REVOLUTIONISE the valuation industry.

Learn more, including information about our new Partner Program, by contacting us via or by completing this form. If you require a valuation or are looking to supplement your current income by assisting with marketing The Valuator Group’s unique services via our new Partner Program, please contact us via or by completing this form so we can assess if you have the necessary background to represent us – we are looking for representatives throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Join the largest and dynamic all-inclusive valuation Group on the continent.