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Licence Opportunity

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The Valuator Group - The Value in Valuation


If you or your company:

  • are financially secure.
  • have great marketing resources.
  • have experience and contacts in property, insurance, banking or general business.
  • have contacts with high net worth clients.
  • are respected in your field

It’s time you become part of the The Valuator Group, the elite network in asset valuation. Earn additional income by marketing the Group’s services (marketing licence) or if you are a valuer joining the group (valuer licence).


The Valuator Group offers a comprehensive package of specialist valuation services around the world. We pride ourselves in supporting and building lasting relationships with clients – always respecting professionalism, credibility & confidentiality. All valuation reports and certificates issued by Head Office.


By becoming a Licensee for The Valuator Group, you not only receive all the necessary support from Head Office to market all the Group’s specialist package of valuation services, you also grow in a professional and personal capacity and stand proud in your commitment to excellence and unparalleled market understanding leading to success.


  • Affordable Licence Fee provides huge return on investment.
  • All risks of starting a new business removed
  • Form part of a well-established, international network
  • TVG handles the majority of your administration including coordinating the valuation and issuing the report and certificate.
  • Licencees have no geographical restrictions
  • No previous valuation experience required.


One of the group’s predominant aims is to continue founding licensed offices across all the major cities in Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and, in the near future, the UK/Europe and Asia.

Should you be interested in joining this exclusive network of world-class professionals and believe that you meet the necessary criteria, contact Gavin Commins today on
+ 27 82 900 5385 or

Click here to download the Licensee PDF for more information.

Licence Opportunity – Secure your licence and independence with full support from Head Office. Simple & cost-effective. All valuations & certifications signed off by Head Office.

The Valuator Group offers Branch Licences with the ideal business model to succeed in this exciting and ever-growing profession, with a healthy return on investment for Licencees.

The setup is simple and requires minimal capital. Qualifying individuals join an international network as part of The Valuator Group , enjoying many benefits.

The Valuator Group offers Licensees the opportunity to establish their own business and focus on key areas utilising their strengths, with The Valuator Groups’ Head Office providing all the other necessary operational, administrative and marketing services as part of the package.

Reasons to secure a licence

  • Affordable
    • Once-off licence fee with small annual renewal fee
    • Excellent return on investment.
  • Removes risk associated with starting a new business
  • Allows individuals to focus on personal strenghts & skills
  • Part of an international network
    • Synergies and network opportunities
  • Well-established brand
    • Minimal administration for Licensee
      • Quotations
      • Co-ordinating valuation for client
      • Valuation Report & Certificate
      • Invoicing
      • Collection
  • Operational side co-ordinated by TVG HO
    • Call centre (SA only) handles calls professionally
  • Excellent marketing material
  • Digital, social media & marketing handled by TVG HO
  • Freedom to operate your own business within a controlled environment.
  • Licence with no restrictions in terms of region
    • Operate worldwide
  • Professional Indemnity & General Public Liability cover by Head Office (special conditions apply)

Ideal Profile

  • Insurance, property, banking or general business experience preferable
  • Good marketing skills
  • Contacts in property, insurance industry & with high net worth clients
  • Financially secure, credit-worthy & professional