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Art valuations - Valuations of fine art, antiques, jewelry, contentsThese valuations require the services of a high caliber, experienced Valuer, capable of undertaking such sensitive work.

We provide Valuers of integrity, passion and professionalism who have proven themselves capable of fully respecting the privacy and confidentiality of clients toward such treasured valuables.

Items are catalogued and, where appropriate, photographed.

This valuation discipline covers a highly specialized section of the work undertaken by The Valuator Group who has undertaken many valuations of prestigious art collections, galleries and private art and antique portfolios.

Full list of services:

  • Valuation for all art works & antiques including heritage assets
  • Full Register with or without images
  • Cataloguing of Collection with photographs
  • Include history/literature of relevant item
  • Collection management re conservation and sustainability including restoration referral if required
  • Purchasing & selling referral to specialist experts in field

“We appreciate the professional services offered by The Valuator Group in this highly specialized field where clients’ confidentiality is protected”.

Gordon Massie – CEO Art Insure

The Valuator Group Africa Art Antiques Jewellery brochure 2017