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Iconic Houw Hoek Hotel sold – independent valuation seals the deal

The iconic Western Cape Houw Hoek Hotel has recently been sold to hoteliers Robert Haarburger and Drew Danford for R42 million. The property, which is South Africa’s oldest hotel, has been on the market for over two years and according to the new owners, became a ‘legitimate and attractive’ option after an independent valuation was […]

Darrin Raniga appointed CEO of The Valuator Group, UAE

Darrin Raniga has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer at The Valuator Group, based in Dubai, where he will oversee operations for this international valuations company that specialises in multi-faceted valuations for insurance and market purposes. Darrin hails from South Africa, where he completed his schooling at Hartwell Business Institute and is currently completing […]

The Valuator Group open offices in Dubai

The Valuator Group, an accredited, multi-faceted, boutique valuation company operating throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, has recently opened offices in Dubai, identifying the huge opportunities offered by the region as a significant deciding factor. The last three decades have seen a dramatic change in Dubai, which has become a major business centre boasting […]

Fine art and forgery

Art forgery has always been at the forefront of human interest and obsession, possibly because it’s a crime steeped in intrigue, skill, whimsy and romanticism. It’s also a deeply psychological practice with multiple implications which are fascinating to unpack – if the fake looks just like the original or even better in some cases, then […]

World’s most expensive jewellery

It has long been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the world’s most expensive jewellery pieces certainly attest to this. There is something truly spellbinding about jewellery, not just because it is beautiful to look about but also because of its inherent sentimentality and timelessness. Often jewellery is something that is passed […]

Pick your ring and value your bling

The engagement ring is one of those strange cultural phenomenon’s which has evolved over time, with significant input from De Beers’ ‘A Diamond is Forever’ campaign. When the handsome man gets down on one knee and pops open that little box containing its sparkling jewel it’s supposed to be a moment that every girl dreams […]