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Pam Myers, Author at The Valuator

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Iconic Houw Hoek Hotel sold – independent valuation seals the deal

The iconic Western Cape Houw Hoek Hotel has recently been sold to hoteliers Robert Haarburger and Drew Danford for R42 million. The property, which is South Africa’s oldest hotel, has been on the market for over two years and according to the new owners, became a ‘legitimate and attractive’ option after an independent valuation was […]

Darrin Raniga appointed CEO of The Valuator Group, UAE

Darrin Raniga has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer at The Valuator Group, based in Dubai, where he will oversee operations for this international valuations company that specialises in multi-faceted valuations for insurance and market purposes. Darrin hails from South Africa, where he completed his schooling at Hartwell Business Institute and is currently completing […]

The Valuator Group open offices in Dubai

The Valuator Group, an accredited, multi-faceted, boutique valuation company operating throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, has recently opened offices in Dubai, identifying the huge opportunities offered by the region as a significant deciding factor. The last three decades have seen a dramatic change in Dubai, which has become a major business centre boasting […]

La Niña – Storm damage insurance claims – be warned

Assets must be professionally valued  Recent storms in South Africa not only wreaked havoc in the streets of Bloemfontein and Gauteng but also sent the short-term insurance sphere spinning. Physical damage to cars and property is evident and the financial implications for short term insurance policy owners can be far-reaching as the industry receives a […]

The importance of valuing heritage sites

The valuing of assets that have historical significance is a highly specialized business and not to be taken lightly if we are to protect and preserve our heritage for future generations. It is the responsibility of those organisations that are involved in the storage and maintenance of these heritage assets to ensure that it is […]

Inaccurate valuations can be costly

The resources industry worldwide has been hit by a drop in demand for related products. The effects of the loss in listed shares in the mining industry over the last two years are noticeable in the workshops and machinery yards of some of the biggest mines in South Africa. Although there is talk about pockets […]

Credible Valuations – be aware!

The value of employing asset specialists The valuations industry in South Africa has in recent years become a fully-fledged, professional service to rival its counterparts throughout the world. In an environment based entirely on credibility, where valuers are dealing with the heart and soul of individuals’ and companies’ wealth, it is vital that confidence is […]

Complicated multi-asset valuation at North Island, Seychelles, called for in-depth experience

A total valuation exercise recently carried out on North Island in the Seychelles by the South African based valuation group, The Valuator Group, has demonstrated yet again just how necessary and valuable it can be for a company with multiple assets in an out-of-the-way location to employ the services of a professional valuer – particularly […]

Professional Valuations Help Property Owners to Get Municipal Valuations Adjusted

Many South African municipalities have in recent years drastically revised the valuations they give to the residential properties within their boundaries. “The approach adopted by most of them,” said Gavin Commins, CEO of the South African valuation experts The Valuator Group, “is to insist now that the home must be valued at its true market […]

Thandiwe January-McLean appointed Chairperson at The Valuator Group

Recently appointed as Chairperson to the board at The Valuator Group, Thandiwe is an accomplished professional who is celebrated for her involvement in various spheres of the South African landscape: political, academia, NGO’s, Arts and Culture, and, more recently, business. Born in Kimberley, South Africa, Thandiwe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Sociology acquired […]

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