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An Interview with TVG | Valution Services | The Valuator Group

An Interview with TVG

Join this expanding international valuation group as the need for valuations continues to grow in all sectors of the private & corporate markets.

  1. What inspired the founding of TVG? What was the initial vision for the company? The Valuator Group is a family-run business which has been in operation for three successive generations. The company was founded with the objective of providing outstanding service to clients – first and foremost, we believe in building lasting relationships with people. We are still dedicated to the same vision we had when the business began – to provide a one stop solution for everything valuation related and to continue our commitment to excellent service.
  2. What core beliefs lie at the company’s essence? What does TVG stand for? At our core we are dedicated to pursuing lasting and meaningful relationships with our valued clients, who we see as friends deserving of our best possible assistance. Integrity and transparency lie at the essence of who we are, along with our commitment to efficiency, professionalism and affordability. We also have the utmost faith in our  staff, who are all well-trained, highly qualified and dedicated individuals with all the accreditation one would expect from people  working for TVG. We are also committed to best practice methodologies, the continual appraisal and improvement of our business and social responsibility in the form of our BEE accreditation, responsibility to the environment and community involvement. You can read more about our mission statement here:
  3. TVG provides clients with a ‘one stop’ solution for all valuation related requirements. Please elaborate on this by explaining how it’s beneficial for clients. We provide a unique valuations solution in that we are an accredited, multi-disciplined valuation company providing both Insurance and Open Market Valuations. The fact that we specialise in so many valuation fields is extremely convenient and beneficial for our clients as our team of expert consultants are able to value multiple assets simultaneously, from buildings to fine art, machinery and financial valuation services.We offer documented and certified valuations for:
    • Land, Buildings & Improvements
    • Plant, Machinery, Equipment, Contents & Vehicles
    • Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery & Contents
    • Agricultural – Farms, Game Lodges and Reserves
    • Hospitality – hotels, B & B’s and Guest Houses
    • Maritime – Luxury Yachts & Boats
    • Financial Valuation Services
    • Aviation valuations
    • Classic & vintage cars
    • All Assets


  4. The Valuator Group is currently active in a number of countries with some exciting expansion plans ahead. How do you envision the company growing in the near future? The company has enjoyed exponential growth in terms of our expansion efforts – our African Head Office is in Cape Town, but we also have offices in Johannesburg and Durban.  Our other offices are  located in , Mauritius, Ghana,, Zambia with a number under negotiation linked to our new Licence Concept. . This is only the beginning – we plan to further our reach both in Africa and internationally over the next 2 years.
  5. TVG provides wonderful opportunities for licensees – how does one apply and what qualifications are necessary? This is a very exciting opportunity that we offer for individuals interested in joining our growing family. We’re looking for people who share our ethics and passion and who are interested in assisting us with our global expansion efforts. The licence covers establishing, operating and promoting the valuation business and also delves into other key services which complement valuations. You don’t need prior valuation experience, but you do need to be familiar with ENRC and OMV. If you’re interested and meet the necessary criteria, we would love to hear from you!
  6. What do you believe differentiates TVG from its competitors? Our commitment to our clients and our ‘one stop’ solution approach – we value all assets.