Gordon Campbell opens up a barn and discovers more than 200 classic cars. After blowing the dust off some of them, he sent in this photo report.

Mosr of us have seen the wonderful internet fairy story about a couple who bought a farm in Portugal, complete with a mysterious and securely padlocked barn. The story goes that once the locks were cut off the couple found themselves gaping at a veritable treasure trove of classic cars – all of them liberally covered in dust, but intact. It was the stuff we all dream of but, alas, it was apparently all a computer-generated hoax. It’s not the only story running along those lines that’s gone viral on the internet, and it’s hard to know what to believe in these days of Photoshop image manipulation.
However, forget about the hoaxes – here’s the “real thing” – and, rest assured, there’s no computer enhancement
when it comes to this Waikato collection of just over 200 cars.

Captain Vauxhall

The owner of this amazing gathering of classic cars, Peter Markham, bought a former chicken farm in 2002 and started building up his collection of cars in 2004. Mind you, even then he was no stranger to car collecting – back in 1991, he owned a grand total of 75 PA Vauxhalls. His property at that time was know as Peter’s PA Paradise, earning him the nickname of Captain Vauxhall.

Peter’s current colelction is much more eclectic. Brands residing in his sheds include representatives from British marques such as Austin, Morris, MG, Wolseley, Riley, Vauxhall, Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam, Vanden Plas, and Ford. While the majority of Peter’s cars are British, there’s a smattering of Japanese cars, plus on lone American. Keeping true to Peter’s nickname, Vauxhall PAs in their various incarnations are probably still the most common model within his collection, although Morris Minors and BMC 1100/1300s must come close.


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