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Dubai jewellery sale may inspire those seeking antique valuations

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One sale in Dubai could impress antique valuation seekers. An auction in Dubai will see a large collection of private jewellery subject to high bids. In news that may impress those looking for antique valuations, Christie’s is set to host the event on October 27th. It will feature 41 items – known as parures – […]

Wat is die logiese keuse vir ‘n laaigraaf?

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Wat is die logiese keuse vir ‘n laaigraaf? “Een uit elke twee laaigraaftrekkers en een uit elke drie teleskopiese laaiers wat wêreldwyd verkoop word, is ’n JCB,” so sê Matthew Barkas, gebiedsbestuurder van JCB Suid-Afrika. JCB is ’n wêreldmarkleier in materiaalhanteringsoplossings en hulle glo in vernuwing. Verder sien die maatskappy ook om na verskillende bedrywe […]

Buying agricultural land

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Buying agricultural land – know your market Buying a farm in South Africa calls for careful consideration and in-depth investigation. The purchase of high-potential agricultural land is a costly affair which should be approached with sound knowledge of the market. Prices for arable farms with high potential and a high water table in the Free […]

World’s new largest private yacht that is bigger than a cruise ship

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Buoy, that’s a big boat! World’s new largest private yacht that is bigger than a cruise ship and cost £800m is built for one very rich owner. The world’s largest yacht, measuring 222m, is due to be completed by 2018. It will eclipse the President of UAE’s boat Azzam by a whopping 40 metres. Record breaking yacht […]

Inaccurate valuations can be costly

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The resources industry worldwide has been hit by a drop in demand for related products. The effects of the loss in listed shares in the mining industry over the last two years are noticeable in the workshops and machinery yards of some of the biggest mines in South Africa. Although there is talk about pockets […]

Complicated multi-asset valuation at North Island, Seychelles, called for in-depth experience

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A total valuation exercise recently carried out on North Island in the Seychelles by the South African based valuation group, The Valuator Group, has demonstrated yet again just how necessary and valuable it can be for a company with multiple assets in an out-of-the-way location to employ the services of a professional valuer – particularly […]

Misunderstandings Still Encountered in the Property Valuation Process

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The recent fires in the Western Cape – and, prior to these, the flood disasters that hit the agricultural community in 2011 when 8 of the 9 Provinces in South Africa were declared disaster areas by the SA Government with corn, soybeans and wheat the main crops affected, once again focused attention on the dangers […]

Value in Africa

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Africa is the fastest growing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) market in the world.  From 1990-2013 FDI inflows in to Africa increased 19 fold – from $ 3 billion to # 57 billion.  This has opened the door for great opportunities and forward looking South African companies have in recent years bolstered their profits and their […]

The importance of game valuations

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The continued growth in the game industry has created various business opportunities for many game farm owners.  For many farms or reserves, the value of their game has more than doubled (in some cases in the region of 300-400%) in recent years. The Valuator Group undertook a number of property valuations (farms) in the North […]

Shocking reality! Be properly insured with correct values!

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The recent fires in the Cape have reinforced the message that individuals and companies MUST be properly insured. This includes being insured with the correct values to avoid unnecessary issues which can include Insurers applying the Average Clause if assets are not insured for the correct values. Many people believe it is the Brokers task […]

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