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Valuing a Mine

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The first step in valuing a property is to assess its development state at the date of valuation. The stage of development most often will indicate the appropriate valuation approach and will have a significant impact on the final value. Mining projects follow a broadly predictable development path, from the identification of the mine’s potential, […]

Africa Hotel Valuation Index 2017

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HVS, the global hospitality consulting firm and host of the THINC Africa conference, launched their 2017 African Hotel Valuation Index (HVI) at the conference. This year sees the fourth edition of the African HVI, which includes more markets and increasing progress for Africa. “The number of markets included in the study continues to grow each […]

Who’s Buying Farms These Days

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Commercial farmers are being blamed by politicians and the landless alike for supposedly inflating the prices of farms in an attempt to counter land reforms. They are also accused of being slow to participate in black economic empowerment in the agricultural sector. However, real estate agents have a different view. According to Mr Jan Viljoen, […]

Brand Valuation Issues

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Brand value vs brand value The term brand value can often confuse. Brand value in some contexts can mean the financial value of a brand – its actual value. In other circumstances brand value means one of the intangible measures that contribute to the brand’s financial value. Such brand value attributes can include brand awareness, […]

Harvey Nearly Halts Commercial Fleet Activity in Houston

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Heavy flooding from what is now Tropical Storm Harvey has disrupted commercial fleets in the Houston area, as corporations and fleet management companies have begun reaching out to their employees and fleet drivers to ensure their safety and assess damage to fleet vehicles. The storm has closed major roads, frontage lanes, and exits, which has forced […]

5 Factors Influencing a Hospital Value

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While most business sectors have seen a slowdown in merger and acquisition activity during the current financial and credit crisis, the hospital sector continues to see a significant level of activity. The driving forces for this activity have changed and valuations are varying more dramatically than the sector has seen historically. For hospitals considering selling […]

Bitcoin may just be a ‘dangerous pricing game,’ says NYU’s valuation expert

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NYU finance professor Aswath Damodaran said bitcoin hasn’t proven its usability as a currency yet.  It all hangs on whether bitcoin becomes widely used in transactions, according to Damodaran.  If not, bitcoin may just be a “dangerous, pricing game.” If bitcoin does not prove its worth as a usable currency, its massive price surge is a […]

Some tips on asset valuation – Fleet valuations

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Knowing what your tractors,trucks and trailers are worth is a critical element in success­fully running any kind of fleet. For some advice on how to get the clearest picture of your fleet’s worth, Fleet Own­er turned to businesses whose jobs are to create accurate equipment valuations—three that provide truck and trailer financing through leasing and one that […]

Irma will still be one of the 5 most costly hurricanes ever

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JPMorgan tells its clients Hurricane Irma’s insured losses will still rank among the worst in history. “We think Hurricane Irma could be a top 5 most costly hurricane in the U.S, although the losses could be in-line-to-lower than market expectations,” the firm’s analyst wrote. Although there is a sense of relief in the markets on Monday as […]

Brand Valuation Methods

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There are a number of different brand valuation methods. There are pros and cons of all these methods of valuing brands. A brand valuation method that is appropriate for one brand may not be the best valuation method for another. Judgement should be exercised to ensure the most appropriate of brand valuation methods is used. […]

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